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Eureka Concrete Solutions specializes in all-things concrete.  We serve clients from Eureka, MO and the surrounding areas.  Our experienced concrete professionals combine their creativity and expertise to bring your concrete ideas to life.  We can turn your vision into reality, whether you want a unique concrete patio with stairs and multiple levels or a simple walkway from your driveway to your patio.

We are committed to understanding your needs and preferences, which allows us to provide personalized solutions that meet your needs.  We value your feedback and work hard to create concrete spaces that perfectly match your vision.

While there may more affordable options than concrete, every option that you may choose other than concrete will require some level of maintenance.  Other building materials may still require pressure washing or yearly coatings.

Concrete, on the other hand, is typically equal to or more expensive initially but should require less maintenance.  Most concrete areas  can be kept looking great with an annual pressure washing.  When choosing concrete, you should consider that it may require a sealing every few years and it may need to be pressure washed as needed.

Eureka Concrete Solutions is your trusted concrete company serving Eureka and the following cities and towns:  Wildwood, Ballwin, Valley Park, Fenton, High Ridge, Manchester, Murphy, Ellisville, Twin Oaks, Winchester, Chesterfield.

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A patio is not just a concrete slab, it’s an important area of your home, essential for enjoying your backyard and getting the most out of your home. A concrete patio may seem boring, but adding elegant furniture and incorporating flower planters can turn your concrete patio into a beautiful space for relaxing or entertaining.

Retaining Walls

Eureka Concrete Solutions can build you a new concrete retaining wall.  There are times when a concrete wall may be more affective than a block wall.  Concrete is a great answer to any waterproof issues you may be facing.

Pool Decks

We pour concrete for many different pool deck situations.  If you already have a pool and you want to revamp it, a new concrete pool deck is a great choice.  Ask us about our concrete stamping!  A stamped concrete pool deck is very classy and adds a level of slip protection for safety.


Concrete Removal

Do you have any concrete that you need removed?  We can remove old walkways, driveways, trash pads and more.  Cracked concrete is often caused by eroded and misplaced soil, so we will make sure to cover this issue if you want to replace the concrete that you need moved.  Oftentimes, the base rock can be kept in place if new concrete will be added.


Concrete driveways can last nearly a lifetime.  In some cases, severe cracking or harsh chemicals will deteriorate your concrete to the point of needing replacement.  Maybe you just want a larger driveway to allow for more parking.  Eureka Concrete Solutions can help with all your driveway pours.

Walkways and Stairs

What is more frustrating than that area of your yard that always stays soaked?  Not much!  Let us build that walkway that will allow you to navigate your property without the unnecessary soaked shoes.

Committed to Providing High Quality Concrete Construction Services and First Class Customer Service

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Trusted Concrete Contractor Eureka MO

Eureka Concrete Solutions, your local concrete contractor serves the entire local region.  We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and maintaining transparent communication during the entire project.  You will find an honest, dependable and hard working partner who is committed to providing top-quality service from the beginning.

Whether you are looking for a complete patio transformation, an add-on to a current walkway, or even just a few simple concrete pours, Eureka Concrete Solutions can help. We will provide you with a FREE consultation to discuss your specific needs and budget.

Our goal is to ensure we communicate well with you, add value, and educate you at every turn of your concrete project.  If you have questions or are seeking to obtain a FREE consultation, contact us today.  Our team would be excited to partner with you!  We are concrete professionals with experience in Eureka (and surrounding areas)  and we would love to make your property dreams come true.


About Our Eureka Concrete Company

Eureka Concrete Solutions is proud to serve the entire Eureka region with professional concrete pouring craftsmanship.  Concrete is our specialty, reflecting both our passion and experience in this area.  We believe that while other companies offer a variety of services outside of just concrete, our passion is pouring concrete and creating unique spaces. We guarantee high-quality work by focusing mainly on concrete.

We would love for you to contact us to get a free on-site estimate.  Please fill out the form that is provided throughout our website.

Eureka Concrete Solutions will ensure your satisfaction by creating the concrete patio, walkway, driveway, or pool deck that is custom to meet your needs.

Committed to Providing High Quality Concrete Construction Services and First Class Customer Service

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Concrete Pricing in Eureka MO

Concrete prices can vary greatly depending on what type of concrete, location, project size and how complex it is.  A simple level area measuring 10’x10′ without anything special may cost anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000.  Additional costs could include the hauling of old material and how intense labor efforts will be.

Investments of up to $15,000 are assumed for custom patio concrete areas that have complex designs, unique stamps, custom finishes or additional features such as steps because of elevation changes.  Contact us by the contact form to get an on-site quote.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit for concrete?

The location and specification of the patio project will determine whether you need to obtain a building permit.  Building permits are usually required when the concrete slab is a certain size or at a particular elevation.  Contact your local county office for more information.

Does a concrete patio add value?

It’s estimated that a well-designed patio not only adds 8-10% home value, but also earns an ROI of over 80%.  Repairing an existing patio can average around $1,400.  This can provide an ROI of nearly 500%.

How long does a concrete area last?

Some say that concrete may last as long as 30-50 years.  If you live in the North, the climate’s yearly freeze/thaw cycles shorten the concrete’s life expectancy significantly.  The average 25 year lifespan is a long time.

What time of year should I install a concrete patio?

The ideal season for pouring concrete is during the cool months of the year.  Depending on where you live, this could be spring, fall, or winter.  In a perfect situation, the temperature should remain between 50 to 60 degrees fahrenheit for most of the day.

How soon can you walk on newly poured concrete?

Concrete typically takes 24 to 48 hours to dry enough to walk or drive on it.  However, concrete drying is a continuous thing, and usually reaches its full effective strength after about 28 days.  The air temperature and location will determine the exact timing for earliest timeframe that you can enter the concrete.

Should you seal a concrete patio or driveway every year?

By sealing your concrete every 2-5 years, as recommended by experts, you should keep your concrete in good shape, preventing pitting, cracks, and other damage.

How much does it costs to pour a 20×20 slab of concrete?

The average cost to pour a 20×20 slab of concrete can range from $1,600-$3,200 for the concrete.  Keep in mind, this does not include other costs associated with having a contractor install it.  Labor, hauling, forming materials, and project details will all add significant costs to the project.